The Origin of Conflict

In the vast world of Codex, a dreaded evil has taken over. The God of Malice – Mostradictus, has help spilled a legion of demons into the Mudane plane whom have swept the world attempting to harvest souls from the living. Fiiraeth, the Reaping Demon, is the commander of this onslaught. Every soul taken has been trapped in a state where only their memories seem to fly. Those with a strong enough soul, manage to materialize themselves within the memories in the plane known as the Eostrom. The Gods of Justice have tried to stop the influx of power, but they have fallen powerless in the fight in the Mundane Plane. Their influence seemingly non-existent, for reasons they cannot determine. Only those who dwell there have any opportunity to defeat the force, but do they even have the power?

A group of heroes with souls stronger than most will meet those with crossed destinies, and redeem their souls to return to life. They will exit the Eostrom more powerful than they ever have been, and use their new-found strength and allies to defeat the demon incursions.

The Reaping Demon